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Monterey Bay Educational Center is different from my old school because they give you one-on-one time with the instructors. One of the things that I like about MBEC is that it's a smaller place. My expectations are to get better at math.
O. Calvetti (6th Grade)
I like MBEC so much because it has a great energy between all of the instructors, students, and just the fact that you can tell that everyone is happy at MBEC. I also like the freedom that is here unlike other schools. I would agree that the freedom and energy here is important in my opinion because it is much easier to focus on working because you are more relaxed as opposed to feeling like you're being put in the spotlight in a public school. I really appreciate that everyone here is aware of everyone's different learning style and pace.

I would definitely recommend MBEC to my friends. I already have in fact. I know a lot of people who are either socially awkward, do not work good in a crowd, do not work good if not one on one, or just do not really like people. I am almost 100% positive that most anyone would like this center, I know I certainly do.

MBEC has helped me so much from the variety of learning styles to the socializing. I would definitely like to stay here for the next 3 years.
H. Genauer (9th Grade)
MBEC is different from my old school because we have one/on/one with the instructors. This helps me learn because there are no distractions. I like that there is no bullying here and that I always feel included. I can't think of anything I dislike here. I would recommend MBEC to my friends because I think that they would like it.
E. Elves (8th Grade)
MBEC is different from my old school because there are not half as many distractions and the instructors are much more supportive and there for you all the time. I like MBEC because it is more of a home environment.
A. Freese (7th Grade)
MBEC is different from my past school because it is more of a family. All of the instructors helped me a lot and I feel like I am a person and not a number. They show me respect and I feel like the environment helps me learn better.
L. Baumstarck (7th Grade)
There is nothing like seeing the lightbulb finally turn on for a student who has struggled for years. It is absolutely priceless.
B. Fuqua (Qualified Independent Instructor)
I like that the students get truly individualized instruction. I also like the mixed age range here. Students stop looking at grade levels and start seeing each other as individuals.
A. Platsis (Qualified Independent Instructor)
MBEC was literally the best decision of my life. I was able to complete two years in one; graduate high school early with honors. New oportunities and doors opened for me because of MBEC.
M. Eastwood (12th Grade)
I feel safe here. I like the one-on-one sessions. I don't feel ashamed when I don't understand because I don't have to show my weaknesses to a class full of other kids. It feels like a cozy home for me. Though I will be transitioning to a traditional high school next year, I will return to MBEC for after school support services.
E. Feliciano (8th Grade)