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Shadow Day Request

The Monterey Bay Educational Center usually asks for 48 hours advanced notice when scheduling shadow days online. This is done to ensure academic successwith MBEC students. Shadow Days consists of you child attending an academic day (8:30AM - 2:30PM). Throughout the course of the day your child will be shadowing one of the peers here as close to the same age/grade. They are encouraged to bring in their own homework/coursework from the institution they are currently enrolled in. The Monterey Bay Educational Center's staff will set aside some time for one-on-one assessments determining where their strengths and weaknesses lie. At the end of the day the student will get an interview with the Academic Director on their experience. Parents are also encouraged to do a follow-up interview after the student's or schedule their own follow-up interview.


*Please Note: the parent/guardian must fill out the Shadow Day Visitation form and submit it while scheduling the date online. If a shadow day cannot be made for the requested date the Monterey Bay Educational Center will get back to you with other availabilities and times via email. Please refer to the calendar to the right when making your appontment.



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